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19 Мар. 2015 г.

Сто такое el macho

The only known way to get into El Macho's lair is by dance-stepping on musical tile buttons a la' Dance Dance Revolution and Simon Says sounding the musical notes of the iconic Mexican song La Cucaracha. After following him, he loses sight of Eduardo but when Gru enters the lair, Eduardo (tranformed in his El Macho self) appears and Gru realises that he was right about everything about Eduardo and El Macho tells him that he faked his death, but he is now "making a spectacular return to evil". One day, El Macho apparently commited suicide in the most macho way possible: riding a shark, while holding two pineapple grenades and with 250 pounds of dynamite strapped to his chest, into the mouth of an active volcano.
After a short showdown, Gru gains the upper hand and uses Lucy's lipstick tazzer (which she had given to him earlier) and tazzers El Macho and he collapses to the ground. Nefario changes his mind about joining El Macho and sides back with Gru and tells him this after the party is over. El Macho's home and lair has a lot of Aztec style decorations, almost sort of a motif for his extravagance.

He then reveals that Gru's elderly assisstant doctor (Doctor Nefario) has now been working for him and kidnapping all the Minions that disappeared recently and using the PX-41 mutation formula to turn them into mutated, indestructible, mindless, eating, killing minions with purple fuzzy hair that serve El Macho. Nefario then creates an antidote for the minions to turn them back as they were originally and puts it in the jelly and puts the jelly into all of their guns and when Gru, the doctor, the girls and the rest of the minions travel back to El Macho's lair, they use it to fire it at all of the mutated minions and they're all restored back to normal.
After an introduction and a brief chat, Gru suddenly recognizes El Macho and compares it to Eduardo and thinks that Eduardo is really El Macho, not dead and the mastermind behind all of this. Despite being an original Despicable Me 2 character, El Macho has certain characteristic similarites to Bane from the Batman series. El Macho is then holding a remote with one large button on it and reveals that one push of the button would send the rocket straight into the same volcano where El Macho faked his death. They break into the cooking place, but they find nothing to compare Eduardo to El Macho nor any evidence that he's the mastermind behind all this and they escape after nearly being caught by Eduardo.

El Macho says that they could have ruled the world together, but instead Gru would die and El Macho takes out the last of the PX-41 mutation formula, drank it all, and it turns him into a giant mutated, ogre-like monster.
Nefario then finishes El Macho off by replying "Oh, this ain't a jelly gun, sunshine", stunning him by shooting the fart gun.

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